Shelley Bridgman Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, & Author
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Shelley Bridgman

Transformational Change & Thought Diversity Expert

There are speakers who have led a conventional life then there are those with a hinterland and Shelley Bridgman is certainly is among the latter. Shelley is a Transformational Change & Thought Diversity expert, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, & Author.

To learn more about Shelley, listen to her podcast here

She has become a media commentator specialising in psychotherapy & psychology, with appearances on BBC Television, Sky and Channels 4 and 5 as well Radio 4’s “Woman’ Hour” “Midweek” and the “Jeremy Vine Show”. She has also featured in “Psychologies,” and “Therapy Today” magazines.

As a Speaker, Shelley’s topics are Developing a fearless mindset, Transformational Change, Diversity & Thought Leadership. Although speaking has taken over from performing comedy on the Stand-up comedy circuit where she performed five one-woman shows at the Edinburgh Festival and completed a seven-night run Off-Broadway in New York, she still MC’s nights in comedy clubs as it makes for being a better speaker.

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Developing a Fearless Mindset

You are successful, but it may be that deep down you know you have more to offer. If this is you, subconscious fears may be holding you back. By identifying then embracing and using those fears rather than working endlessly to overcome them, you can remove the blocks preventing you from sharing your uniqueness, becoming truly authentic and maximising your potential.

Transformational Change

Organisations cannot effect positive change if those at the top are unable to embrace change within themselves. No matter how senior from CEO to Senior management, you have to understand your own subconscious fears in order to prevent them hindering change within an organisation.


Diversity is more than race, gender, sexuality, disability and culture. It is about thought diversity and recognising the vitality of embracing difference to grow as people and as organisations. Through the lens of her own experience as a trans woman, working with minorities in the workplace, Shelley illustrate the benefits and shares practical solutions to embracing diversity.

Thought Leadership

Successful Thought leaders stand for something and want to make a difference. They are sometimes dreamers, but always visionary. Often prepared to disrupt current thinking, but always with a clear purpose. Two things set them apart, their vision and not just their self-belief, but their ability to retain their self-belief when they are challenged and overcome setbacks. This comes with deep self-awareness and understanding.

The only Speaker I have ever given a standing ovation to.

Fiona Brennan- Scott

I have been coming to these conferences for over eight years and yours was the best speech I’ve heard.

JS Sainsburys

The feedback from your session was universally outstanding. Thank you for a great session.

Unite the Union

Thank you for a brilliant speech at the conference. The feedback from the delegates was outstanding.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Shelley Bridgman 1

Stand-Up for Yourself

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