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Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt

Founder the Good Country and Independent Policy Advisor

Simon Anholt is one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on ultra-widescale human engagement.  He has created and led no less than three successful global fields that measure, understand and influence attitudes, culture and activity at the global scale. The likes of DreamWorks and Nike, Heads of State and monarchs have all been beneficiaries of his unique approach to leadership and entrepreneurship.

Simon Anholt’s two main TED talks are rated the third and sixth most inspiring TED talks of all time by TED viewers.

He has advised over 53 world leaders and their cabinets, as well as dozens of CEOs of global corporations, on how to develop and implement strategies for their enhanced economic, political and cultural engagement with other countries and global publics.

Simon Anholt also launched the Good Country movement with the first annual edition of the Good Country Index in 2014: the first ever study of what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size. A Good Company Index is on its way soon. His work focuses on discovering what a place, a country, a company or an individual are for in the world and why people should feel glad that they exist, and defining the courageous and imaginative new behaviours that will drive them forwards.

He is also the leading authority on managing national identity and reputation and is the founder and publisher of two major annual surveys polling over 20,000 people in 25 countries to monitor their perceptions of the world’s countries and cities.

He has served as Vice-Chair of the UK Foreign Office’s Public Diplomacy Board and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Oxford. He has been awarded the Nobels Colloquia Prize for Economics and the Prix d’Excellence du Forum Multiculturel pour un Développement Durable (Excellence in Sustainable Development). He holds an Honorary Professorship in Political Science and is the author of six books including two best-sellers.

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Brand as if reality mattered

Perceptions are so important in the modern world - for corporations, nations, even people – it's not surprising that image enhancement has become a huge industry. Yet because perceptions live in the mind of the consumer, not in the office of the brand owner, they are almost impossible to manipulate, and most of the money spent on branding every year is utterly wasted. Yet a good reputation can be earned, even if it can't be constructed – and the research proves that the quickest way of earning and retaining a good reputation is by doing things for people that make them feel glad you exist.

Big Data and the Fate of Nations

The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index, one of the biggest social surveys ever conducted, has since 2005 collected more than 200 billion data points from a sample representing nearly 70% of the world's population. This unique resource reveals extraordinary findings about why people admire certain nations and cities more than others, and what this tells us about the global balance of power, the future of capitalism, the way that global culture evolves, how the world is actually becoming slightly 'gooder' every year. It also reveals some startling insights into the best ways of tackling the huge challenges that face humanity today.


Our inoculation for a better future. Simon Anholt's Good Country is a global educational movement that aims to train ordinary people around the world to make their countries, cities and companies focus as much on co-operation and collaboration as on competition. Using the latest techniques of mass online learning, his plan is literally to inoculate future generations against the problems that we and our ancestors have produced. Anholt will show how every business and institution in the educational field can participate in this inspiring project and benefit from its involvement.

Competition vs. Collaboration

Time to Adjust the Balance Simon Anholt's 2-year analysis of the 200 billion data points of his high-profile national image survey, the Nation Brands Index, produces a surprising finding: collaboration makes nations more competitive. And the same holds true for corporations. This is good news in an age where companies and countries need to work more closely than ever before to address global challenges: it turns out that being more collaborative actually makes organisations more competitive. Simon Anholt shares some unique insights into the real mechanisms behind the principle that doing well and doing good are now the same thing.

Nations and Cities

Identity Strategy for Countries, Cities and Regions

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I know the President [of Sierra Leone] was especially impressed and grateful for your insights. Thank you very much for offering your own time and unique expertise and support.

 Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister.

The fact that it was grounded in rigorous and large-scale research data and many years of experience advising highest levels of businesses and governments, provided a great deal of interest in his insights and stories.

President Brazil Tourism

Simon is relaxed and inspiring at the same time. I wish to express my great satisfaction with his outstanding contribution to our progress.


Simon has helped us gain a deep understanding of Austria's role in the world – I highly recommend him to anyone with an interest in improving their international standing and status for the enhancement of trade, tourism and many other types of productive engagement.

 Federal Minister of Economic Affairs, the Republic of Austria


Simon Anholt

Places, Identity, Image and Reputation

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Simon Anholt

Competitive Identity: the New Brand Management for Nations, Cities and Regions

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Simon Anholt

Brand New Justice: How Branding Places and Products Can Help the Developing World

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Simon Anholt

Another One Bites The Grass

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Simon Anholt

Brand America

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