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Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage

Mindset alchemist, adversity thriver, Sunday Times bestselling author

Businesses are rising and falling faster than ever before, and crisis is the new normal. Sophie Sabbage is a Sunday Times bestselling author who has worked in the fields of human psychology and corporate change for nearly thirty years. She has equipped hundreds of thousands of individuals as well as leading brands to unlock opportunities for growth that they didn’t think possible.

Personally, she has turned a six month ‘terminal’ cancer prognosis into the most creative six years of her life (so far) by finding solutions she was told did not exist. This put her on a global stage as an authority on how to tap inner powers and life-saving creativity in response to challenges, crises and threats. She is now focused on helping leaders and change agents explode their difference-making powers by learning one thing that radically improves the quality of many things when we know how to activate it.

To learn more about Sophie, listen to her podcast here

Sunday Times bestselling author of The Cancer Whisperer (which has revolutionised the cancer community), Lifeshocks and Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus. The Cancer Whisperer, which placed Sophie on a global stage as a virtuoso on how to thrive in adversity. She has since made numerous media appearances, become an internationally recognised author, created a new narrative about cancer and built a speaking business. She has also been to the north and south poles of her humanity in order to stay alive.

Winner of the Gold Award for Business Culture Change in 2008. Winner of the 2019 and 2020 Global Lung Cancer Alliance awards for Excellence in Journalism. Winner of the Nautilus Gold Award for Personal Growth Books in 2018. Winner of the International Speaker Slam 2020.

B.C. (before cancer) Sophie ran a leadership and culture change business consultancy, which delivered practical psychological tools back when this was still at the cutting edge of business practices and considered quite weird. Her mentor and business partner, Dr. K Bradford Brown, was a direct student of the Auschwitz survivor, Viktor Frankl, the founder of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers, and the British philosopher, Alan Watts. She stands on the shoulders of giants in this field.

Sophie Sabbage has also been delivering life-changing courses for a global educational charity since 1994. She is a multi-award-winning talent – among them Best Culture Change Programme, Excellence in Journalism and the prestigious Gold Nautilus Book award. Her academic background is in English literature, psychology and organisational change. She brings all this experience to her speaking clients. Her audiences leave wiser and braver than when they arrived.

Eloquent, discerning and boldly truthful, Sophie touches hearts, challenges minds and delivers deep shifts in remarkably short periods of time. She is gifted at reading people, cultures and the roots of issues. Soulful, feisty and highly creative, she also has a reputation for expressing what other people experience but are unable or too afraid to say.

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Most ‘Transformation’ Isn’t – and how to create shifts that don’t shift back

We need transformation in business and life as much as ever, but the promise of ‘transformation’ has been so overused and under-delivered it has topped the list of jargon words business leaders want to get rid of. According to McKinsey research, 70% of change programmes fail and this has not changed in decades. Indeed, it is getting worse. In this talk Sophie addresses why one of the most powerful words in the English language has been stripped of its true meaning and power. She outlines key indicators of true transformation that she has discovered over three decades in the field. She shares a case study of organisational transformation that sits in the 30% success zone. And she brings personal examples of transformation because the failure of leaders to transform themselves is one of the core reasons that change initiatives fail.

Thriving in Adversity - How to be creative when it matters most

If you haven’t yet been hit by a personal or professional crisis, one is coming. Count on it. No one is exempt. We cannot thrive in business or life without the ability to evolve in response to the unexpected, the blindsiding, the adverse. Sophie, who has had multiple brain tumours four times and has nearly died twice, is a testament to producing remarkable results in the most limiting circumstances. She knows more than most about how to unleash creativity in the midst of intense challenge. Most adversity speakers have overcome whatever happened to them, but Sophie is speaking it and writing it as she lives it. In this talk she shares some of her personal story and a five-step system she has developed for thriving because of crises rather than surviving in spite of them.

The Price of Positivity 'and' the value of shadows

The market is saturated with products about how to think, act and be positive. In parallel, suicide rates rise, the quarter-life crisis has replaced the mid-life crisis and 61% of CEOs report loneliness hampering their performance. Having encountered the same detrimental pressure on cancer patients to remain positive as she had previously witnessed in corporate corridors, self-help programmes and social media, Sophie is now doing media interviews to address this issue in society. As someone who has worked in the personal growth (a.k.a ‘positivity’) industry for almost thirty years, who has witnessed the detrimental impact of positivity cultures in business and who has written two Sunday Times bestsellers about living an authentic life, Sophie is determined to reveal what positivity is costing us and why it needs to change.

Alchemical Leadership - and how to alchemise results

Most developmental psychologists agree that what differentiates leaders is not their personality or management style as much as their mindset when their power, safety or reputation is challenged. In Professor William Torbert’s Global Leadership Profile, which depicts seven stages of evolving leadership, the ‘alchemical’ stage is the most advanced (observable) stage. Studies reveal that ‘alchemical leaders’ are set apart by “an extraordinary capacity to deal simultaneously with many situations at multiple levels” and “their ability to renew or reinvent themselves and their organisations in historically significant ways.” Sophie, a close colleague or Torbert’s, profiled at the alchemical stage in her late-thirties (now in her fifties). In this talk she explains the mutually transforming power of alchemical leadership and how she has turned lead situations into gold outcomes.

The Psychology of Creativity - How to live creatively instead of running ‘ideas’ workshops

Creativity often flows when we are in the shower, out jogging, driving a car or grocery shopping. We have our best ideas when we don’t have a notepad at hand. This is because creative insights emerge from a relaxed state of mind, when alpha waves are rippling and there’s an influx of dopamine and the subconscious brain can engage. Creativity is not just about being artistic or innovative. It is a state of mind and a way of being. Opening our creative channels is a matter of getting our busy, fretting, often self-deceiving minds out of the way so that intuition, discernment, risk-taking, weirdness and the freedom of unselfconscious can have their way with us. In this talk, Sophie reveals the psychology of creativity and how we can open its floodgates by shifting our emotions, perceptions and decisions.

The Fear Protocol - How to take hold of fear so it doesn’t take hold of your business

If you think fear doesn’t run through corporate corridors, look again. Sometimes it’s disguised as obedience, excessive cheerfulness, workaholism or a never-enoughness even at the height of success. It is also indicated by low morale, high absence and sick leave, high stress levels, increasing staff turnover and a lack of creativity. In this talk, Sophie describes observable indicators of fear, explains the root causes of fear and provides a powerful tool for releasing fear when it takes hold. A follow-up masterclass is highly recommended for this particular topic.

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I can think of no one more aligned with the leadership principles of our founder, Nelson Mandela, than Sophie is.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation

Sophie is a true alchemist with a rare ability to transform lives, leaders and business cultures.

Professor William Torbert

I ran a speaker-bureaux for 26 years and never came across a speaker with such impact. Sophie’s work is pivotal, life-changing, say-it-as-it-is, no nonsense, gripping and unputdownable!

Deborah Fielding

Sophie is one of the most impactful speakers I have heard and learned from. She combines charm with deep-rooted analysis, compelling personal stories with a long professional tenure of helping leaders transform themselves, their cultures and their organisations.

Bridgestone Europe


Sophie Sabbage

The Cancer Whisperer

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Sophie Sabbage

Lifeshocks: And how to love them

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