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Stefan Hyttfors

Stefan Hyttfors

Acclaimed Futurist and Author

Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed futurist and author focused on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next generation leadership. Stefan also has a background as journalist and economist.

History teaches us that value shifts are triggered by new stories about how people want to live. Digitalisation and networking technologies makes inequality as well as unsustainable consumption of resources more visible and therefore less acceptable. This is the foundation for a new economic system that will allow us to create more value with less resources to stay within the planetary means, and to meet the basic needs of every human. We are in the beginning of the beginning of a new era. The corporations, leaders and brands we will talk about in ten years time have not even begun yet and the true definition of ROI in the 21st century is ‘Risk of Ignorance’.

Stefan started his career as a photo journalist for Expressen, travelling around the world. He then founded his own consultancy Wenderfalck and studied economics. In 2006 he saw the coming power of social media and focused 100% on digital PR, a very successful strategy which led to several prestigious awards. In 2012, looking to share his learnt insights, he became a sought after business advisor and speaker and has been speaking since on Big Data, cloud computing, regenerative medicine, 3D-printing, crowdsourcing to managers, employees, experts, and executives in CSR, HR, IT, sales, and finance.

In his presentations, Stefan Hyfftors shows that with disruptive technologies and the power of networks we can find new business solutions and business models and create wealth. He also discusses how to be more agile and competitive in the digital age. Highly energetic and provocative and with a good sense of humour, Stefan’s presentations are individually tailored to be as relevant as possible.

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Being cutting edge through customer driven innovation

The future economy of labour – what we should be aiming for

How to turn leadership around, from one of self-serving to team-serving

How traditional hierarchies are being replaced by networks

How to prepare for change in the face of uncertainty

How to make your business more value oriented

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Stefan Hyttfors is a very inspiring and entertaining key note speaker. His engaging speech of disruption lifted our high-end business seminar to a whole new level. Feedback of the seminar scored highest ever!


Stefan Hyttfors brought great inspiration to our session and the feedback from the worldwide audience was fantastic - combining the evolution of technology and what this means for us as individuals, employees and leaders to have a healthy mindset in this world of constant change, opened this people week with an inspiring and embracing way to view change!


Stefan entertained us with an extremely engaging speech, exciting as well as frightening visions on how exponential growth in digital technologies will disrupt the financial industry and our daily life. The audience gave Stefan top score, best in conference.

DNB Finans

Stefan is a combination of a stand up comedian and thoughtful key note speaker. He delivers energy and laughs while at the same time making you reflect upon todays challenges and how to tackle the unknown future. We really appreciated his key note and I highly recommend him if you want an inspiring talk about change. He was also very easy to work with.


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