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Sunnie Giles

President of Quantum Leadership Group

Dr. Sunnie Giles is President of Quantum Leadership Group. She is the author of The New Science of Radical Innovation (2018). She catalyses leaders to produce radical innovation and redefine the game as individuals and organisations. She is a TEDx speaker on radical innovation.

She is an advisor at the Stanford Business School Institute of Innovation in Developing Economies. Her recent research on global leadership for innovation has been published by Harvard Business Review. She is a regular contributor on Forbes, and has been published on INC., World Financial Review, the Leadership Network, Training Industry, the Korea Times, and Management Matters Network.

She has also been invited to be part of a panel and deliver a speech on the human side of innovation at the prestigious 10th Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna in November 2018, alongside prominent industry thought-leaders and innovators like Gary Hamel as well as the Work Human conference in March, 2019 and World Healthcare Congress in April, 2019. Her recently published book, The New Science of Radical Innovation is about the six competencies needed to become a Quantum Leader capable of consistently catalysing radical innovation, and has been endorsed by Daniel Pink, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Sean Covey, and Jonathan Rosenberg.

Dr. Sunnie received her MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth school of Business and a PhD in Systems Psychology (marriage & family therapy) from Brigham Young University.

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New Leadership Competencies to Catalyse Radical Innovation In the Age of Uncertainty

Business leaders are being challenged at an unprecedented rate with increasing complexity and uncertainty and with increasing demands for faster decision making. In this dynamic era, many large businesses with the vestiges of the Industrial era become irrelevant being displaced by new entrants that morph rapidly with unpredictable manoeuvres. The rules of the game have changed dramatically from standardisation and cost reduction of the Industrial era to constant learning and innovation for the digital era. We now need a new type of leader: the quantum leader. These leaders are fundamentally different from the rest of the pack and a much better fit for today’s fast changing environment. They operate on adaptability, self-organisation, diversity of thought and simple rules. Dr. Giles' research has found that there are six distinct leadership competencies necessary to deliver radical innovation: self-management, safety, differentiation, connection, learning, and integration. Consistent innovation is the only way to survive in a fast changing VUCA world. Quantum leaders not only consistently deliver on radical innovation, they are good bosses to work for. Learn how to catalyse radical innovation at your organisation in this session.

Leadership for Women: Maximising Women’s Innate Potential to Catalyse Radical Innovation

Sunnie Giles is a new generation expert on radical innovation who takes the mystery out of what radical innovation is and how to consistently produce it. She reveals how to maximise the women’s different brain structure to overcome the limitations placed on women from socialisation norms of in the current culture. Most of us are unaware of these socialisation norms because they are deeply embedded in the unconscious cultural fabric. Capitalising on these differences and harnessing complexity of the fast changing environment, women can set the strategic agenda for the entire organisation.

How to Elevate Diversity from a Compliance Issue to a Strategic Issue To Kickstart Radical Innovation

Most organisations are approaching diversity and as a result overlooking a much more important strategic issue, producing suboptimal results. Diversity is not a compliance issue but a strategic issue that can define the path to radical innovation. Diversity must be about generating diversity of thought. Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and other issues are important because they are proxies for diversity of thought. To generate diversity of thought, leaders must ensure psychological safety and create team connection so that learning can be accelerate and disseminated.

A New Case for Ethics: A Mandate for Radical Innovation

Research suggests strong ethics have a tangible bottom-line effect on businesses. Based on solid neuroscience principles, Dr. Sunnie Giles shows why establishing strong ethical and moral values are essential for innovation. High ethical standards create psychological safety, which is creates solid team connection, which provides resilience to try and fail. By adhering to the Industrial era management goals of perfect execution, companies create an environment for compromised ethics. Practicing complete transparency, levelling power dynamics and allowing failures, companies not only strengthen ethical standards, but maximise their chances for radical innovation.


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The New Science of Radical Innovation: The Six Competencies Leaders Need to Win in a Complex World

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