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Todd Dewett

Todd Dewett

Leadership and Life Expert

Todd Dewett inspires authenticity in Leadership, Sales, Culture and Customer Experiences.

Todd Dewett’s professional journey began with degrees from the University of Memphis and the University of Tennessee, followed by time with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Ernst & Young.

He then earned a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, a prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and eventually a position on the graduate faculty at Wright State University.

After years in the classroom, early tenure, and many awards and publications, the entrepreneurial spirit took over.  Today he is a speaker, author, coach, and the go-to leadership and life expert for millions of people around the world through LinkedIn Learning.

As a speaker, Todd’s is highly unique:  world-class expertise, a rugged authentic style, insightful humour, and an ability to use words to light a fire inside people.  His clients are a who’s who of global companies.  He shares his decades of research and business experience that helped him realise that too many people, teams, and companies, lacked one key ingredient: authenticity.  At its core, authenticity is about being “more.” More real. More honest. More credible. Above all, more human. Todd takes attendees on an emotional ride as they learn that more is always possible when you are as human as possible. Using stories as his medium, Todd lifts them up, opens their eyes, and ignites their passion for work and life. 


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Show your Ink: Unleashing the Power of Authenticity

This powerhouse keynote is based on Dr. Dewett’s popular book Show Your Ink. It’s a supremely colourful take on the importance of authenticity in work and life.
Dr. Dewett’s decades of research and business experience have revealed that too often people, teams, and companies lack one vital ingredient for success: authenticity. At its core, authenticity is about being “more.” More real. More honest. More credible. Above all, more human. Authentic relationships are built on trust, rapport, candor, and vulnerability. The result is stronger motivation, productivity, and a willingness to change and improve.
Using practical strategies backed by science, and stories as his medium, Dr. Dewett lights a fire and changes how you view yourself, your team, and your work. Get ready for an emotional ride as you learn that more is always possible when you are as authentic as possible.

The Truth about Creativity and Innovation: What most managers think, but only great managers do

This entertaining keynote is based on Dr. Dewett’s writing and research on creativity and innovation. The talk is a brutally honest take on the importance of creativity, innovation, and change at work; how we don’t manage them correctly – and what to do about it.
Dr. Dewett’s years of scholarly study and practical business experience lead him to identify one major truth about creativity and innovation: we say we want them, but often resist them passionately. Creativity and innovation are about questioning our reality, debating how we do things better, and tolerating new ideas. In practice, the status quo often dominates, people don’t want to debate, and new ideas are not embraced. It’s time to close the gap between what we say and what we do.

Building Teams that Transform: The funny truth about what works and what doesn't

This thought-provoking keynote is based on Dr. Dewett’s many years of writing, research, and teaching – much of it derived from his popular guidebook The Little Black Book of Leadership. Over time, so many half-truths have emerged about how to build great teams. Todd shares the very few that are actually backed by science and truly work in the real world. The simple truth about teams is that achieving compliance is easy, but inspiring commitment is more difficult. Staffing a team, setting expectations, and delivering feedback are not complicated processes. Building a winning team, collaborating to set engaging goals, and creating a dialogue that improves all of us is much more challenging – but so worth it. When managed correctly, a team is definitely much more than the sum of its parts.

I booked Dr. Dewett twice – once to keynote a large executive–level meeting and once for a large gathering of middle managers. He killed it both times – lots of learning, huge laughs, emotional and engaging. A world class speaker – highly recommended!


The consensus of the surveys can be summed up in two words: GREAT SPEAKER! All of the surveys were positive, not one negative comment. They all loved how relatable your stories were to our professional and personal life, loved how you kept their attention, and could have listened to you longer. I definitely agree with them and want to THANK YOU again for speaking at our event.


We hired Todd to speak to a large employee group, and he absolutely nailed it. His confidence and expertise are compelling, and his ability to show honest emotion and make you feel emotions is totally engaging. The audience was eating it up. He talked about leadership and relationships in a way that anyone can understand using stories that will be seared in our brains forever. He might be the best speaker I’ve ever seen.


We hired Todd to keynote our huge national business leaders conference in Ottawa. As a speaker we challenged him with a large multilingual audience. He delivered with style. He made sure the messages aligned with the conference theme, used anecdotes and stories that spoke directly to our audience, and did all of it while stirring us emotionally. Top level speaker. Huge fun! I highly recommend Dr. Dewett.



Todd Dewett

The Little Black Book of Leadership: Essential Advice for New Managers

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Todd Dewett

SHOW YOUR INK: Stories About Leadership and Life

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