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Tom Morley

Scritti Politti Founder, Team Building Genius and Conference Energiser

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 70s / 80s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing on the dance scene. Unlike other bands Scritti used to make half their songs up on stage.

How is this significant to you? Simply because Tom creates INSTANT teams, delivering INSTANT team work. Within just 10 minutes Tom has a room working as one team in perfect harmony using drums. He generates the most extraordinary energy and good will, and has teams performing where there are no silos, no barriers and no hierarchical limitations. Delegates are given permission to take risks and become more creative, breaking through their self limiting beliefs en mass while changing their individual mindsets.

Whether he is working with a group of 10 or 200, the end result is always the same. One high performing team achieving an amazing sound, and creating a lasting legacy of what it feels like to be part of a truly performing team.

Tom Morley then explores with the group how they can take these feelings and achievements back into their place of work, thus making tangible that all important sustainable difference. He is truly original and inspiring around the topic of team building and his approach is refreshingly different and memorable! Tom’s background of life on many stages enables him to read a room and see exactly what the audience needs. He then delivers it with humour, style, and panache.

Having run hundreds of team building events around the world Tom feels comfortable with any crowd, even the most hardened sceptics! He’s also happy to share the stage and collaborate with whoever else is on the schedule. If there’s a way of deepening the conference message with a custom-written anthem that the whole group can drum or sing along to just mention it when you speak to us. Everything is possible!

Listen and watch Tom’s podcast with Maria here

How to run a drum session without drums

How to get into FLOW

“Make one up!” – Scritti Politti and Tom Morley

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Stimulating Creativity

Starting with his experiences on stage with the 80s band Scritti Politti, Tom describes the advantages of taking calculated risks. 50% of the songs in their performances were made up on the spot. How did they have the nerve to create in that way, in the moment?

That early spark lit a fire in Tom's heart to live offstage in this creative way too and encourage others to do the same.

He now runs a Team Building company giving people permission to try all sorts of new things so that 'creativity muscle' gets flexed and developed daily. In this talk people hear about, and may even get a taste of, walking on the wild side.

Get Into the Groove

The GROOVE can be found at the intersection of discipline and surrender.

We all know that place of ‘flow’ when everything is clicking into place and we move from one thing to another with ease. Those days, when they happen, are great. But how do we get there at will? By the use of stories and demonstrations Tom delivers some robust take aways to benefit both individuals and teams.

Are you an autotelic or exotelic person? Setting goals and making lists may not be the only way to hit your targets. You’ll find out how to do more in less time applying Tom’s humorously radical methods.

Instant Teamwork

Working together, breaking down silos and stepping out of your comfort zone. Tom Morley delivers bonding experience that transform your event with music and laughter. “People will forget what you say and forget what you do but they’ll always remember the way you make them feel”. Maya Angelou.

Whole conferences can be themed around this interactive approach. For example: ‘Working in Harmony’, ‘Achieving the Impossible’ and ‘Feeling The Beat’.

If this suits your needs we’d suggest Tom opens the conference with an ice-breaker (10 minutes), returns for the ‘graveyard slot’ session after lunch (45 minutes), and sends everyone on their way energised and smiling at the end of the day (5 minutes).

The Remix Process

How do you create and maintain an agile mindset? When you see a star on stage getting the crowd going with their latest upbeat HIT song, you might think, "They have no problems at all. What a life!" However, they may be singing a different song inside.

After decades of working in the music business with artists like Scritti Politti, David Bowie and Madness Tom Morley describes some different, more private 'hits'. These are the doubts that beset us all, stars included. Help is at hand though with Tom's 7-Step REMIX Process. Everyone can now turn that sad secret ballad into a public dance classic. Described with authentic vulnerability and self-effacing humour this is a take away that everyone loves.

Tom is one of those rare individuals who can not only generate his own 'light bulb' moments he is also a keen listener to the ideas of others. He has this almost supernatural ability to synthesise what they are saying and present them back to the group, there and then, in graphic form. I've never seen anyone work so skilfully with both flip chart and Photoshop and every Innovation Event we run is greatly enhanced by having Tom in the faculty. He generates a lot of laughter too which keeps the creative juices of the whole team flowing.

The Brand Conspiracy

I'm convinced that what our team experienced thanks to Tom's unique ability to engage every crowd on our Roadshow has been instrumental in our improved performance at HERTZ. He created magical experiences with incredible energy, the team went way beyond their normal boundaries to genuinely care for each other, feeling strong, united, inspired and unbeatable.

Hertz Group

When you bring large numbers of people together, their first instinct is often to determine and demonstrate where they sit in the hierarchy. Tom’s ability to completely negate that hierarchy, in favour of unearthing the much more important red thread that binds a team together around an idea or an opportunity, is exceptional. He manages to tune in to and capture a resonance that everyone embraces, leaving people feeling not only personally inspired and motivated, but having formed what are likely to be long-term relationships with others with whom they may never before have passed the time of day.


The feedback has been off the scale.


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