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Vito di Bari

Vito di Bari

Renowned Futurist and Authority on Innovation

Vito Di Bari maintains a global reputation of excellence as the world’s premiere futurist, innovation strategist and inspirational keynote speaker, forecasting trends in business innovation based on new technologies and quoted as the top inspirational guru. Vito is an inspirational speaker with a dash of humour who literally shows the future on stage. His keynotes combine the depth of business strategies and the magic of entertainment. Founded on a solid scientific approach, his keynotes include the unveiling of new technologies, and reveal a detailed forecasting of medium-term business trends.

Vito Di Bari was the Innovation Designer for the World Expo 2015, Executive Director at United Nations’ UNESCO, in Paris, and Professor of Design and Management of Innovation at Polytechnic University of Milan. He has published 11 books on innovation and hosted the show “Live from the Future” on Discovery Channel. Named Big Thinker 2014, he is considered the thought leader of the tech driven design movement Neo-Futurism, where architects like Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava belong to.

Vito Di Bari’s keynotes are anything but ordinary. Because his keynotes combine the depth of science and the magic of entertainment. His keynotes are founded on a solid scientific approach, include the unveiling of new technologies, and reveal a detailed forecasting of medium-term business trends. His background as United Nation’s UNESCO Executive Director and university professor is harmoniously paired with his showmanship style to create memorable storytelling using custom films on theatrical screens, and the occasional coups de theatre, to show us how our lives will change in the next 5 to 15 years. Tailored to each individual event, because no two keynotes are alike, he recounts the stories of evolution of individual business segments, uncovers the future way of working in those industries, as well as the future competition in those markets. Telling stories of individuals responsible for pivotal moments throughout history while echoing the works of artists, writers, and philosophers, all narrated as an enchanting tale of the never-ending challenge of human civilisation. Now throw in some metaphors, paradoxes, and jokes…a lot of jokes. Live interactions with the audience to sprinkle in extemporaneous brainstorming, some blitz surveys, Q&A’s, and even dancing. Add a dash of live tweets to and from the people in the room, tweeting infographics and receiving back comments in real time. This is how Vito creates a recipe for success with his solo performances, and why you should book him now!


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Lead the Business Competition of the Future

A perfect inspirational moment for conventions of companies going through a transformation process, guided by leaders with a vision to share, launching new innovative lines of product, announcing a relevant evolution (such as a merger, acquisition, join venture, partnership), celebrating its anniversary. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership.

Connected World of the Future

In 2025 there will be twenty-six smart objects for any person on earth, and our perception of the digital and physical world will drastically change. We will not connect through devices any more but through the objects surrounding us. The world will become dig-cal because everything will be digital and physical at the same time. This keynote is about IoT, AI, nanochips, sensors, cloud and adaptive tech and how they will change the way we live and work.

A Journey into the Future of Marketing

The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for marketing executives and consultants.

Future Cities

This is much more than a keynote, it's a multimedia feast of positive icons and smart solutions to increase the quality of life of the future dwellers. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for the ones who will design and manage the cities of the future.

The Future of Retail

A memorable and inspiring lecture, and a travel in time from the birth of retail to the present and over. With a grand finale: Vito will show the future of retail. Literally, with an exclusive short movie commented live on big screen.

A Journey into the Future of Hospitality

It's the ultimate keynote to inspire C-Level in the hospitality business to embrace innovation and intercept the future through a radical transformation. Great for anniversaries (I've

Vito did a spectacular job. His video towards the end of his presentation was phenomenal. It was an insightful, eye opening, and passionate look into the very near future of just about everything in our daily lives

Clark Mulligan

Vito Di Bari is a visionary on Innovation, a great leader and a fantastic speaker. He was a guest speaker with terrific impact.

Accenture Italy

Vito Di Bari give us an interesting perspective about the Paradox of Automation, full of humour and sense, with interesting new concepts that make us want to lead this evolution instead of worry about it.


A very insightful and inspiring talk!



Vito di Bari

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Vito di Bari

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