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Warren Cass

Author & international speaker on the topic of 'Influence'

Warren Cass is one of those rare speakers that inspires, entertains and informs. He has been sharing his ideas around communication & relationships for nearly two decades. He is the best-selling author of ‘Influence: How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation and Get Noticed’ and contextualises every talk he does specifically for each audience.

Warren’s style is funny, but straight talking. He has a way of really engaging an audience so they feel part of a conversation. His passion for business shows, drawing on 25 years of running his own businesses. All of his talks contains ‘real life’ examples so his audiences can relate to the ideas that he shares.

Warren firmly believes we live in times of significant change, particularly cultural, which has impacted the way we communicate and relate to each other. In his talks he breaks this down and helps audiences leave with a better understanding of how their message is received by others and more importantly equips them with the tools to build stronger relationships.

When we focus on the way we communicate, we develop deeper bonds with those around us, both professionally and personally.

Influence is a big topic and Warren is able to focus on the areas specifically of interest. So whether the context is personal impact or sales & marketing, leadership or business culture, he can build the perfect talk for your event.

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"What has really impressed me about Maria Franzoni and specifically Dominic, is the time taken to actually build the relationship & really understand what I as a speaker am able to deliver."

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The way we communicate is fundementally changing thanks to the social web, the pace we live our lives is creating shorter attention spans and more superficial relationships as we are bombarded with marketing messages every waking hour. In this fascinating talk, Warren explores this change and how it affects the way we interact with each other. He shares a modern-day toolkit for effective communication, helping audiences really understand how to build stronger relationships and more influence.

Selling With Emotional Intelligence

Selling today is highly competitive, it's simply not enough for professional salespeople to just be proficient technically & tactically. The most successful develop their relational skills to help them understand & connect with people, building deeper lasting relationships.

Tomorrow’s Customer

Relevance is a moving target. Creating an adaptable culture that is able to evolve with change, changes in society, technology, consumerism & specifically your industry. In this talk, Warren shares how to adapt to best serve your customer’s shifting buying habits for better acquisition & retention.

Masterclass - Leadership and Influence in a Changing Society

This session is all about understanding the change that is happening all around us and how it affects the businesses & industries we operate in.
We will explore current & future trends in technology, changing demographics & the different attitudes of consumers. We will also discuss how innovation is the necessary key to survival & future success.

Event MC

Choosing the right MC for your conference can really make your event. Being an MC is a difficult task, engaging your audience, connecting the dots with speakers content, you really need someone who comes prepared and can think fast on their feet. Working with you from planning to execution of your event, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

In October 2017 we had Warren Cast speak at our annual conference as keynote speaker. From a presentation skills point of view, Warren was captivating, his pace was steady and his language was clear, he had great stage presence. From a content point of view, Warrens message was informative, current and pertinent. Warren demonstrated that he’s in touch with current environmental changes, technological advancements, psychological impacts on generations and of course influence. His presentation was well delivered and received incredibly well and the content he delivered although his audience in this case was accountants applies to any industry. I highly recommend Warren as a speaker to any audience of business owners and key decision makers.

AVN - Inspiring Accountants

Thank you very much for delivering such a dynamic keynote yesterday. You kicked off the day on a really positive note. You did a great job with your interactive summaries, helping to pull together themes and energise the audience.

Royal Institute of British Architects

Warren Cass was the Keynote Speaker at the British Marine, Marina Conference in April 2017. Warren was given a brief of talking about ‘Tomorrows Customer’ in the Marina Industry. Prior to the conference, Warren met with marina managers from the British Marine membership to find out what was currently happening in the Industry and what plans were in place for the future.During his keynote address, Warren gave a fascinating talk and it was clear to all delegates that his background research really made the difference to the audience, as it felt as though he was part of the marina community. He was informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. British Marine can highly recommend Warren as a keynote speaker.

British Marine

Totally Inspiring



Warren Cass 2

Influence: How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation and Get Noticed

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