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Leadership, Collaboration and Team

“Achieving alignment in a team goes beyond simply creating consensus … it is the very essence of good leadership and builds trust, loyalty, focus and productivity”

Penny Mallory – First woman in the world to compete in a world rally car

John Peters

RAF pilot captured by the Iraqis during Gulf War

Roger Black

Former World Champion and Olympic silver medallist

Roger Harrop

The CEO Expert

Mark Mobius

One of the "Top Ten Money Managers of the 20th Century"

Patrick Dixon

Europe's Leading Futurist

Chris Moss

Brand and Marketing Leader

Kilian Kleinschmidt

Expert on Humanitarian Aid

Christian Gansch

Conductor and Musician

Benjamin Zander

Inspirational Former Conductor of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Francois Hollande

Former President of France

Luigi Mazzola

Former Director of Performance - Formula 1

Mark Zawacki

Founder of 650 Labs and Milestone Group