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Leadership, Collaboration and Team

“Achieving alignment in a team goes beyond simply creating consensus … it is the very essence of good leadership and builds trust, loyalty, focus and productivity”

Penny Mallory – First woman in the world to compete in a world rally car

Eileen McDargh

Chief Energy Officer of The Resiliency Group and McDargh Communications

Jane Gunn

The Barefoot Mediator

Dr Diana Theodores

Presence and Performance Specialist

Jon Hammond

Specialist in Impactful Communication

Dr Penny Pullan

Renowned Expert in Virtual and Hybrid Leadership

Ciaran Martin

Founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre and now Professor, University of Oxford

Paul McVeigh

Former Premier League Footballer and Sports Psychology Businessman

Raghu Raman

President Risk, Security and New Ventures of Reliance Industries Limited

Anna Hemmings MBE

Olympian & 6 x World Champion - Infusing the Business World with the Secrets of Sporting Success

Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

Professional Possibilist & Executive Coach

Sophie Devonshire

Experienced Business Leader, Entrepreneur and Brand Specialist

Dr Rick Goodman

Leadership and Engagement Expert