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Leadership, Collaboration and Team

“Achieving alignment in a team goes beyond simply creating consensus … it is the very essence of good leadership and builds trust, loyalty, focus and productivity”

Penny Mallory – First woman in the world to compete in a world rally car

Rafidah Aziz

Malaysia's longest serving Minister of International Trade and Industry

Sophie Sabbage

Mindset alchemist, adversity thriver, Sunday Times bestselling author

Instant Teamwork

Leadership Development and Team Building

Roberto Forzoni

Performance Psychologist

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Leadership and Health Coach

Joan Oliver Fontanet

Former CEO of Barcelona Football Club

Hugh Montgomery

Director of UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance

Christine Porath

Helps organisations build thriving workplaces

Loïck Peyron

One of the most brilliant French sailors

Nick Saunders

The Family Man

Sylvia Baldock

Maximising Personal and Team Talent

Sheena Iyengar

Global Authority on Choice