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“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge, Comedian

Cally Beaton

Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Business Mentor

Joanna Lumley

Actress and Author

Sanderson Jones

Inspirational Comedian

L. Vaughan Spencer

Self- Help Guru and Gangster Motivator

Bennett Arron

Comedian, TV Presenter and Identity Theft Expert

Tim Oliver

The Ricky Gervais / David Brent Lookalike Impersonator

Jeremy Nicholas

After-dinner speaker, awards show host, conference facilitator and keynoter

Steve Mould

Comedian and Scientist

Mark Dolan

Comedian, Broadcaster and Writer

Rob Brydon

Comedian, Radio and Television Presenter, Singer and Impressionist.

Mike Rayburn

Innovation Entrepreneur, Comedian, World-Class Guitarist and Keynote Speaker

Adam Buxton

Comedy Performer, Television and Radio Presenter, Actor, and Writer