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“Western democracies need a new deal”

Yanis Varoufakis, Former Minister of Finance for Greece; Accidental economist

Peter J. Merrick

Income and Capital Enhancement Consultant

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Italian economist and former Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank

Anatole Kaletsky

Financial Journalist and Consultant

Jo Johnson

British Conservative politician and former Minister of State for the Cameron and May Governments

Otmar Issing

Former Chief Economist and member of the Executive Board at the European Central Bank

Yvonne Chia

Former Group Managing Director of the Hong Leong Banking Group

John Sfakianakis

Director of Economics Research, Gulf Research Centre

Bill Browder

Financier, Economist and Human Rights Defender

Michael Spence

Nobel Laureate, Economics.  Chairman of an Independent Commission on Growth in Developing Countries

Enrico Letta

Prime Minister of Italy 2013-14

Sue Hayward


Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia's Leader-in-Waiting