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Future and Technology, Telecomms & Mobile

“If we look at the life cycle of technologies, we see an early period of over enthusiasm, then a ‘bust’ when disillusionment sets in, followed by the real revolution.”

Ray Kurzweill – Author, Computer Scientist, Inventor & Futurist

Alison Burns

The Ethical Futurist™

Ciaran Martin

Founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre and now Professor, University of Oxford

Somi Arian

Tech Philosopher and Transition Architect

Hervé Pillaud

Digital Agriculture Evangelist

Meggie Palmer

Confidence Creator & Serial Entrepreneur

Gray Scott

Futurist, Techno-Philosopher and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of emerging technology

David Hanson

Creator of the World's Most Advanced Robot

Luc Besson

French Filmmaker, screenwriter and producer

Ron Garan

NASA Astronaut, Fighter Pilot, and Active Social Entrepreneur

Buzz Aldrin

Doctor of Science in Astronautics, Former US Astronaut - Gemini XII - Apollo XI, First Moon Landing

Christian Baudis

Former MD of GOOGLE Germany, Internet/Media & Green-Tech expert

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Author, Technology Innovator and Co-founder of Hope Runs