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Future and Technology, Telecomms & Mobile

“If we look at the life cycle of technologies, we see an early period of over enthusiasm, then a ‘bust’ when disillusionment sets in, followed by the real revolution.”

Ray Kurzweill – Author, Computer Scientist, Inventor & Futurist

Julian Wheatland

Former Chairman of SCL Group and COO & CFO of the Cambridge Analytica

Hillary Yip

Founder and CEO of MinorMynas

Mutale Nkonde

Expert in A.I, Race and Policy and Founder, AI For the People

Dr Jacqui Taylor

Cyberpreneur, Global 100 Leader 2019, Top 10 Global IoT innovator, Smart Cities Tsar, UK Science Diplomat

Emily Penn

Ocean advocate and Skipper

Luc Julia

Co-creator of the Apple Voice Assistant, SIRI

Edgar Perez

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Cybersecurity Expert

Safiya Noble

Expert in Algorithmic Discrimination

Jennifer Vessels

Future Ready Innovator

Warren Knight

Digital Leadership Keynote Speaker and Digital Transformation Strategist

Greg Williams

Editor of WIRED and expert in technology trends

R.Michael Anderson

The Technology Leadership Insider