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Future and Technology, Telecomms & Mobile

“If we look at the life cycle of technologies, we see an early period of over enthusiasm, then a ‘bust’ when disillusionment sets in, followed by the real revolution.”

Ray Kurzweill – Author, Computer Scientist, Inventor & Futurist

Hugh Montgomery

Director of UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance

Christine Porath

Helps organisations build thriving workplaces

Josh Valman

Chief Executive at RPD International

Tim Urban

Celebrated Blogger and Thinking Person’s Cartoonist

Bertalan Mesko

The Medical Futurist

Matthew Griffin

Fanatical Futurist, Techno-Optimist & Disruption & Futures and Innovation expert

Lindsay Herbert

Inventor and Digital Transformation Leader at IBM and Governor for the Museum of London

Pranav Mistry

Global Vice President of Research at Samsung and Inventor of SixthSense

Scott D McArthur

Executive Coach, Writer and TEDx Speaker

Birgit Gebhardt

Future Trends Expert

Cate Trotter

Head of Trends at Insider Trends

Keren Elazari

Authority on Cyber Security and Hacker Culture