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“Cut through the clutter with your brand and create true brand fans in today’s crowded and constantly changing media space”

Huib van Bokel – Former CMO Red Bull

Jean David

One of the pioneers and builders of the Cirque du Soleil

Jeremy Schwartz

Joint CEO Pandora and CEO The Body Shop

Richard Askam

Master of Conversation

Dr Eliza Filby

Academic, speaker and broadcaster specialising in Generational Intelligence

Joan Oliver Fontanet

Former CEO of Barcelona Football Club

Rita Clifton

International Branding Expert and Business Leader

Simon Anholt

Founder the Good Country and Independent Policy Advisor

Nick English

Co-founder of Bremont, the British luxury watch brand

Roberto Boscia

CEO and Head of Operations at Syvelma Business Solutions & Creator of the HR Marketing concept

Cate Trotter

Head of Trends at Insider Trends

Shaun Smith

Customer Experience Specialist