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Marketing, Branding and Social Media

“Cut through the clutter with your brand and create true brand fans in today’s crowded and constantly changing media space”

Huib van Bokel – Former CMO Red Bull

Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Consumer and Business Psychologist

Mark Schaefer

Social Media Marketing Expert

Lynne Franks

Change maker, Futurist and Influencer

Sophie Devonshire

Experienced Business Leader, Entrepreneur and Brand Specialist

Sam Conniff

Serial Social Entrepreneur and Pirate

Scott Harrison

Founder and CEO of charity: water

B J Cunningham

Branding and Marketing specialist

John Livesay

The Pitch Whisperer

Jamie White

Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Expert

Christian Baudis

Former MD of GOOGLE Germany, Internet/Media & Green-Tech expert

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Author, Technology Innovator and Co-founder of Hope Runs

Samantha Barry

Editor-in-Chief of Glamour