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Motivation and Performance, Sport and Adventure

“Passion is a significant multiplier of human potential, particularly when like-minded people converge around a worthy cause”

Jamil Qureshi – Performance Psychologist

Dr Diana Theodores

Presence and Performance Specialist

Paul McVeigh

Former Premier League Footballer and Sports Psychology Businessman

Anna Hemmings MBE

Olympian & 6 x World Champion - Infusing the Business World with the Secrets of Sporting Success

Charles Marcus

High Content Global Keynote Speaker

Matthew Syed

Highly acclaimed speaker in the field of high performance

Ben Fogle

Presenter, writer and adventurer

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann

Sports psychologist to the German national football team

Gro Harlem Brundtland

First Female Prime Minister of Norway & Mother of Sustainability

Buzz Aldrin

Doctor of Science in Astronautics, Former US Astronaut - Gemini XII - Apollo XI, First Moon Landing

Alexandra Panayotou

Executive & Personal Mentor & Extreme Endurance Runner

Cathy O’Dowd

First Woman in the World to climb Everest

Iain Carter

The voice of golf on BBC 5Live and the World Service