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Motivation and Performance, Sport and Adventure

“Passion is a significant multiplier of human potential, particularly when like-minded people converge around a worthy cause”

Jamil Qureshi – Performance Psychologist

Boris Brott

Conductor and Music Director of the New West Symphony in California and motivational speaker

Boris Becker

Tennis Superstar and Entrepreneur

Audley Harrison MBE

Olympic Gold Medallist and Professional Heavyweight Boxer

Robin Sieger

Keynote Motivational Speaker

Rasmus Ankersen

The High Performance Anthropologist

Caspar Craven

Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The Worlds Greatest Living Explorer

Yves Rossy

The first jet-powered flying man in the history of aviation

Penny Mallory

World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour - Psychologically Powered Performance

Nasser Hussain OBE

Sky Sports Commentator and ex England Cricket Captain

Philip Hesketh

Expert specialising in Persuasion and Influence

Jamil Qureshi

Performance Psychology Practitioner; founder of JQED and creator of Mind Shaping