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Motivation and Performance, Sport and Adventure

“Passion is a significant multiplier of human potential, particularly when like-minded people converge around a worthy cause”

Jamil Qureshi – Performance Psychologist

Joan Oliver Fontanet

Former CEO of Barcelona Football Club

Loïck Peyron

One of the most brilliant French sailors

Samuel Koch

German Actor

Roberto Boscia

CEO and Head of Operations at Syvelma Business Solutions & Creator of the HR Marketing concept

Mark Webber

Nine-time Grand Prix winner and FIA World Endurance Champion

Dominik Neidhart

Three-time competitor in the America‘s Cup

Rashmi Bansal

Writer, Entrepreneur & Youth Worker

Reinhold Messner

Adventurer, explorer, author and one of the greatest climbers in the world

Thomas Bubendorfer

One of the world's foremost solo climbers

Susie Wolff

Team Principal of Venturi Formula-E Team, Founder of Dare To Be Different, Former F1 Test Driver

Neil Laughton

Award winning entrepreneur and record breaking adventure-holic

Matt Dawson

Member of the English World Cup winning Rugby Team in 2003