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New & Noteworthy Speakers

Speakers who have been added to the website in the past 6 months.

Tim Peake

First British ESA Astronaut

Winston Ben Clements

Brittle bones survivor, Resilience and Diversity Expert

Fabio Bonini

Presenter & Moderator

Edgar Perez

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Cybersecurity Expert

Todd Dewett

Leadership and Life Expert

Susan David

One of the world’s most influential management thinkers

Jeremy Schwartz

Joint CEO Pandora and CEO The Body Shop

Duncan Wardle

Former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney

Richard Askam

Master of Conversation

Safiya Noble

Expert in Algorithmic Discrimination

Jennifer Vessels

Global Innovation Leader and Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur

David J Harkin

CEO of 7billionideas