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Presenters and Performers

“The major difference between the ‘best’ and the average is that the ‘best’ get as much pleasure from practice as performance.” – Benjamin Zander, Conductor

Reverend Richard Coles

Priest, Former Pop Star, Broadcaster and LGBT, Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

Scott Quinnell

 Former International Rugby Player

Ben Kay

Adman & Former Rugby Forward

Gavin Hastings

Former International Rugby Player

Joanna Lumley

Actress and Author

Fabio Bonini

Presenter & Moderator

Greg Williams

Editor of WIRED and expert in technology trends

Instant Teamwork

Leadership Development and Team Building

Sanderson Jones

Inspirational Comedian

Katja Dofel

Presenter for n-tv on business and the stock markets

Carola Ferstl

Germany's leading female expert on the Stock Market and Finance

Melinda Crane

 American journalist, political commentator and presenter