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Presenters and Performers

“The major difference between the ‘best’ and the average is that the ‘best’ get as much pleasure from practice as performance.” – Benjamin Zander, Conductor

Celia Delaney

Persuasion & Influencing Skills Speaker

Sameena Ali-Khan

Award winning television presenter and experienced event host.

Sylvia Baldock

Maximising Personal and Team Talent

L. Vaughan Spencer

Self- Help Guru and Gangster Motivator

Susie Wolff

Team Principal of Venturi Formula-E Team, Founder of Dare To Be Different, Former F1 Test Driver

Nigel Mead

Magician, Entertainer & Performer

Liv Boeree

One of the most successful female poker players of all time

Bennett Arron

Comedian, TV Presenter and Identity Theft Expert

Conny Czymoch

Journalist and international conference moderator

Jazz Cannons

Vintage Swing, Soul and Pop Band

Fons Trompenaars

Author of "Riding the Waves of Culture - Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business"

Matt Dawson

Member of the English World Cup winning Rugby Team in 2003