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Psychology, Philosophy, Health and WellBeing

“Realising no one owes you anything is an incredibly liberating concept. You stop wasting energy collecting imaginary debt.”

Jamil Qureshi, Performance Psychologist

Rusty Labuschagne

Transformational Speaker

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Leadership and Health Coach

Hugh Montgomery

Director of UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance

Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger

Human Geneticist and bestselling Author

Liv Boeree

One of the most successful female poker players of all time

Malene Rydahl

Goodwill ambassador and expert on happiness

Rob Lilwall

Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

Shay McConnon

Creator of the An Even Better Place to Work™ Solution

Frank Dick

President of the European Athletics Coaches Association

Sophie Bennett

Best-selling Author and Champion Dressage Rider

Professor Mike Stroud OBE

Polar explorer, Endurance expert and World Authority on Expedition medicine and nutrition

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

CEO and Founder of Nosh Detox