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Science and Neuroscience

“Science is different to all other systems of thought because you don’t need faith in it, you can check that it works”

Brian Cox, CERN physicist & broadcaster

Dr David Halpern

Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team

Claudia Olsson

Digital Transformation Strategist

Amy Brann

Founder of Synaptic Potential

Tali Sharot

Neuroscientist and a leading expert on human decision-making, optimism and emotion

Tremaine du Preez

Consultant, author and decision-making expert

Dr William Tan

Neuroscientist and Medical Doctor - World Record Holder, Paralympian

Dr Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist, professor, bestselling author, populariser of science

Nick Bostrom

One of the most influential "futurists" in the world.

Ruby Wax

Leadership Expert, Mental Health Advocate & Entertainer

Brian Cox

CERN Physicist & Broadcaster

Bertrand Piccard

Led the first ever circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon (The Breitling Orbiter)