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Dominic Eldred-Earl

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Getting To Know …

Dominic Eldred-Earl – What Did You Want To Be As A Child?

An explorer/adventurer.

Advice To Your Teenage Self?

Follow your own dreams, not what you think someone else wants you to do.

Karaoke Tune Of Choice?

Don’t do karaoke – and that is a very wise choice for everyone who would be in the room.

Career Plan B?

Working in/with nature and the environment – and technology.

Who Would Play You In A Movie Of Your Life?

Michael T. Weiss.

Secret To A Happy Relationship?

Honesty, openness, laughter.

Cat Or Dog?


Style Icon?

What’s style?

Your Coffee Order?

Black Americano.

Number One On Your Bucket List?

Have a meaningful life.

Secret Skill?

Balloon modelling.

Dream Dinner Date?

My wife and our son.

What Was Your Big Break?

My wife.

Where Is Home?

Bath, Southwest England

Favourite Villain?

Walter White.

Book That Changed Your Life?

Atlas Shrugged / The Power of One.

First Ever Record?

No idea!

When You Look In The Mirror You See..?


On A Night Off We Would Find You?

On the sofa with my wife.

What Is Your Favourite Meal?

Noodles/Vege Stir Fry.

Signature Dance Move?

Leaning on the wall.

Who Do You Most Admire And Why?

Stephen Hawking – believe in yourself and do not let other people set your limitations – only then can you defy all expectations.

Motto You Live By?

Family First.