Keaton Franzoni – Maria Franzoni

Keaton Franzoni

Keaton Franzoni 2

My name is Keaton Franzoni full pedigree name Cottonbrie Keaton Coton Kitsch Franzoni (but that’s a bit of a mouthful, even for me).  I was named after Michael Keaton, who mum says was the best Batman – I think she has a bit of a crush on him if I’m honest.  I’m just relieved that she didn’t name me after Babe Ruth.

I have been working as Head of Security since I was a pup. I am very good at hearing when people are coming to the door, way before they ring the bell and so I can act as a very early warning. I will not be deterred from doing my duty, even if my boss (my boss is my mum really!) is on the phone, I will still bark at the top of my voice to make sure she knows there is someone outside. If she isn’t quick to answer I will run up and down the room and in circles and raise the level of my bark until she acknowledges me. I won’t stop till the door is opened.

I am usually very happy to see visitors especially if it is one of the team – they always get a special greeting from me. I have learnt how to smile and I wag my entire body at them until I get a cuddle. However I don’t like it when the postman comes, not sure I trust postmen.

In between my security duties I have a lovely bed in the boss’s office that I can rest in, though I am often found next door with the other ladies as they like to give me digestive biscuits when they have a cup of tea. I prefer shortbread but digestives are good too.

When I get too hot I like to lie down on the leather sofa but even though I may appear to be asleep I am on constant high alert ready to act in case of any danger.

Do not be fooled by my natural good looks and cuteness, I am not scared of anyone, especially black Labradors and German Shepherds – they are as bad as postmen in my book.