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Mary Tillson

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Getting to Know….Mary

Mary Tillson What did you want to be as a child?

Centre forward for Arsenal! Somewhat saddened to find they wouldn’t take girls. (For the record, I support Southampton now)

Advice to your teenage self?

Skip the teenage years- too much trouble. Embrace getting older, it’s fun!

Karaoke tune of choice?

Hit the mute button, or run a mile. Sorry, cannot think of anything worse.

Career plan b?

Investigative journalist and, am I allowed a plan C? Travel writer.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Joanna Lumley. I have been likened to her many a time, and had to play her once in a spoof home video. I met her once and wondered if she saw the likeness!

Secret to a happy relationship?

Finding one is a start. Then when you are lucky enough to find one… laughter, hugs, spontaneity, little acts of kindness

Cat or dog?

Dog. Mine is the lovely Stella, a fab golden retriever who I rescued but in truth I think she rescued me

Style icon?

None.. not important to me – although I always think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly cut a dash

Your coffee order?

The one I make.

Number one on your bucket list?

Antarctica… and or photographing polar bears in Churchill.

Secret skill?

It’s so secret I haven’t found it yet (sssshhh don’t tell anyone I can….)

Dream dinner date?

Other than my lovely hubby… George Clooney?

What was your big break?

Meeting my lovely husband Anthony

Where is home?

The original village shop just outside Chichester West Sussex. Full of beams guaranteed to render me unconscious from time to time.

Favourite villain?

Paul in Neighbours. (How tragic is that!)

Book that changed your life?

Haven’t read it yet. Feel I might want to write it myself?

First ever record?

Knights in White Satin

When you look in the mirror you see..?

Lucky me- how did I get to do what I do, be married to my lovely Ant, be part of my amazing family

On a night off we would find you?

Probably doing something sporty or outside with my hubby. Tennis, racquet ball, skimming stones, table tennis, walking Stella, picnic on the beach

What is your favourite meal?

Toad in the Hole

Signature dance move?

Tripping over

Who do you most admire and why?

Too many to mention. So many. Mostly people in our secret service who keep us safe without us ever knowing what they are doing on our behalf.

Motto you live by?

Begin with the end in mind, and (sorry I struggle with one answer always!) set up for success